The Lonesome Death of credibility in Football

05 March 2013 05:12

Every two seconds, a football manager somewhere in the Universe gets sacked for reasons that are as baffling as Embarrassing Bodies' viewing figures.

In all seriousness though, the lack of patience from chairmans and fans in modern day football is making it lose most of its credibility. Take the great team of Palermo for example, this team of men who play in pink have got through more than fifteen different managers since 2002, incredibly their chairman still fails to see that stability is the only way to gain success in football. But Palermo isn't an isolated case, oh no, Maurizio Zamparini of Palermo is just one in a long line of chairmans and owners who believe that managers are like plastic cups and should be used only for a short term and then discarded as if their use in life never existed.

These chairmans argue that football is a business and if things aren't going right changes have to be made in order to rectify them but if a new manager isn't given time to develop and build his own team, how these chairmans believe that success can be achieved is a mystery.

New managers bring about change and a feeling of optimism and in most cases a good start results wise but the optimism can't last forever and there will be dark times, in any managerial tenure there will be dark times but chairmans must learn that managers need time to gain the success that they crave, now, not all the managers who are backed by their chairmans and given time will succeed but a good percentage will.

A baffling example of this lack of patience can be seen in York City's situation with Gary Mills, the man who took them from Blue Square Premier League mid-tablers to a League Two side, mysteriously gets sacked, sorry I mean “Leaves by mutual consent”, because his side were on an eleven match winless run, the York City chairman obviously didn't realise that it was Mills who promoted his team and left them four points above the drop zone in the first place.

As much as it pains a lifelong Man City fan to say this but take a look at the example of Alex Ferguson, with time and backing from his board he has built up a team which has amassed a big total of trophies and he has only been able to achieve it through the backing he received in his early days, let us not forget that his first years at Man Utd were hardly scintillating and it took him a few years to win that elusive first title and not forgetting the 5-1 defeat he suffered at the hands of City at Maine Road back in 1989 which nowadays would probably have resulted in a sacking but his board backed him and look at them now.

Nowadays teams like Liverpool and Tottenham are following a different plan to that of most of the Premier League teams in the sense that their respective chairmans know that they won't achieve immediate success but their managers are building a team up which in years to come will be a force to be reckoned with and that sort of backing, as sad as it sounds, is a dying breed in football nowadays.

In the time that it has taken you to read this article, more than thirty managers all over the Universe have lost their jobs.


Source: DSG

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