The curious case of Manchester United's Tom Cleverley

By 04 July 2014 08:54

3-4 Years ago ,in the Sir Alex Ferguson era, a new midfielder was inducted into the first squad of the red-devils. The name went by “Tom Cleverley“. People were looking for a new “Scholsey“ in the squad and they were assured that this guy would be the one.

Young blood, fresh legs , passionate ,pace , and desire in short , what all you need in a young player he showed it all . Sir Alex had put total faith in him that he is an investment for the long term plan. He was put into the team sheet at the start of the season and yes he did show a lot of capabilities that can be improved.

Looking back at the history of this player , Tom was a loanee to Leicester City in 2009 , helped them win the league and the promotion to the championship . Also , in 2009-10 season , on a loan to Watford , he scored 11 goals in 33 appearances and was voted as their player of the season.

So, not a bad start for young cleverly. Ageing and retiring Paul Scholes left a huge gap in the mid-field and Sir Alex was convinced that this home-grown lad from the age of 11 could be their answer to the midfield woe’s.

2011-12 season , at the friendly against Barcelona , United won 2-1 and Sir Alex Quoted that “ cleverly was United’s best player on the pitch “. After this match, cleverly took the 23 shirt number and went on to start for the team on a number of occasions. Played a huge role in the comeback performance of united from 2-0 to a 3-2 win in the community shield 2011-12.

Next season starts, Cleverly plays a number of matches and also plays a part in THE Gunners demolition were the score beamed 8-2 in favour of United .Things looked bright for United that season and for Cleverly too. Then came the wrecking ball , Cleverly sustained a major ligament damage in his foot due to Kevin Davies in their win against Bolton Wanderer’s. Though he returned four days later but again sustained an ankle injury.

Slowly the appearance’s started getting down , the next season he couldn't make it to most of the game’s team sheets and recently all hell broke loose on Cleverly . People gutted him , morale’d him down , made a petition too that he doesn't deserve a place in the England World Cup squad . Looking at it from a distance , it really looked Cleverly has totally lost it.

Now , looking from another angle , young player , had the abilities to transform into an “ almost Paul Scholes “ or Michael Carrick , but then injuries shot him down , manager changed when he reached the transformation age and he was United’s midfield answer years ago . Result ? creativity decreased , pressure increased , country swearing on you and thus depression.

Present scenario , Louis Van Gaal comes in , with a young Ander Herrera bought and Cleverly aged at 24, yes, this tactician can make cleverly work in the midfield . he is known for his shuffling and uses or can transform players according to their abilities . I can clearly visualise Cleverly playing the role of a “ shadow man “ , the one that marks the midfield hero of the opposite team.

August come , we will know it all and yes Tom Cleverley still has years to go . You never write of a young lad , Never.

Source: DSG

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