The Battle for Fab - Round 1

16 July 2013 07:32
United's OPENING move for Home Grown Catalan King. Manchester United, by lodging an official bid for Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, will likely sting Arsenal into action with a counter-bid. Today is set to see the battle for his signature escalate into all out war.  Other sources on Sky TV confirmed that there are at least three suitors with their hats in the ring for Fabregas should Barcelona decide to sell.

United, though are sure that their opening bid will be rejected outright by Barcelona, and will have pre-planned a more concerted move.  It is also a ploy to see if his other suitors can be flushed out into the open.

United are serious about landing David Moyes first big name quality player, and will have fired the opening salvo of £25.9M only as the first move in what promises to be an intricate game of chess for one of Barcelona’s home-grown Catalan Kings. Additionally, United have never been more in need of acquiring midfield quality, with Paul Scholes finally heading off into the well deserved sun-set.

 Well placed sources predict that Barcelona will look for around the £35M. Intriguingly, if Barca accept one of United’s offers or are perceived to be encouraging higher offers, that puts Fabregas himself into a quandry.  If he thinks Barca are open to selling him, then the prospect of joining up with his mate Robin Van Persie at Old Trafford would be highly attractive. 

 Arsenal have first option on Fabregas at £25m.  Thats why United have gone in with a bid near £26m.  Plus Arsenal are desperate to sign a striker at the moment so could be otherwise engaged, but one would expect that United’s quest for Fabregas would sharpen their focus.

Source: United Mad


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