Sky sources: Wayne Rooney unhappy at Manchester United

16 July 2013 06:21
Wow! This is not true! It couldn't be!

So this is a Bombshell! NOT!

Anyone with half a brain knew that something is up with the obviously disgruntled Rooney.

If the situation were otherwise, and Rooney was deliriously happy, then he would have expressed it publicly.  There has been nothing but stony silence from Rooney's corner.

Remember, its not today or yesterday that the seed of dis-satisfaction was evident in Rooney's general demeanour.  Rooney's body language has been conservative, subdued and even classed as downright sulky since as far back as April. 

Jose Mourinho has been a bit naughty of late waxing lyrical about Wazza, and even as recently as Tuesday refusing to rule out a move for Rooney

Please see the following article. "Rooney no longer the Apex Predator" to see how Rooney became Super Sulk.

Source: United Mad