Should we believe David Moyes' press conference?

06 July 2013 02:06

Yesterday at David Moyes’ much anticipated first news conference, the subject on everyone’s mind was Wayne Rooney. There was much speculation over the last several months on Rooney’s status as a United player and if he would be with the team for this next coming season. David Moyes was stated unequivocally that Rooney is not for sale.

Moyes stated near the beginning of the press conference; (Wayne Rooney) "He's a Manchester United player and will remain a Manchester United player. I have known Wayne since he was 16, when he was at Everton. It is a little bit of déjà vu. He is training really well, he is coming back in good shape and I am looking forward to working with him."

Moyes went on to say; "Wayne Rooney will not be sold by Manchester United. We have spoken several times and what has happened before has gone now. "We are working together now. I have seen a bit of a glint in his eye. He looks very happy and looks as if he's going to knuckle down. I do not know what those two gentlemen said - Sir Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney. That conversation was private and as far as I am concerned I am looking forward to working with Wayne. I can categorically tell you that Wayne Rooney has trained fantastically well since I've been here. Wayne won't be sold by Manchester United. He [Sir Alex Ferguson] said you've got a very big player there [in Wayne Rooney], who has made a big impact in games but all the things he said about the squad were positive."

So we can put the transfer rumours of Wayne Rooney to bed and get on with the business of football.


Source: DSG