Should the transfer window close before the start of the season, have your say

02 September 2013 06:59

The summer transfer window. It can be a blessing for some, but for most football managers it is the bane of their pre-season preparations. This years transfer window doesn't officially close until September 2nd at 2300 (BST), three games into the 2013/2014 Premier League season. Meaning that your clubs prized assets could be subject to bids from other wanting managers around Europe, causing potential disruption and unrest with players, staff and fans alike.

Let's take a look at the pros of allowing the transfer window to stay open well into the new footballing season:

* Excitement for fans. The transfer window is one of the busiest times of the year for footballers and their respective clubs with the media giving transfer rumours and speculation prime time slots on television, in newspapers and on the web.

* Last minute deals that could improve the squad. Three games into the season will mean managers will have some idea of how their teams will perform throughout the season. Under performing teams will then be able to bring in extra players to boost performances and prospects for the coming season.

* Cover for early season injuries. Unforeseen injuries to star players at the start of the season can be catastrophic. Giving teams the ability to sign players after the season has started means managers can bring in adequate cover.

So those are some of the pros, now lets look at the cons of allowing the transfer window to stay open after the start of the new footballing season:

* Disrupt managers/clubs plans. Managers and clubs will have plans in regards to their playing styles and if a player who is key to these plans is sold after the season has started this could leave those plans in tatters.

* Can turn fans against their club. Fans can become disillusioned with clubs and managers if the signings they feel the club should be making are not being made.

* Disrupt players mentality and professionalism. Players can be disrupted mentally if they are subject to late bids from other clubs. This can cause rifts between players and other team mates and also fans of the club.So the question is, do you think that the transfer window should close before the start of the season?


Source: DSG

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