Send Two Vans From Old Trafford to the Etihad Stadium to Collect a Toure

21 May 2014 02:56

The Dutch word for "Yes", is "Ja", pronounced "Ya!", and if either Robin van Persie or Louis van Gaal were asked the question, "Would you like the Ivorian midfield colossus in your team?", the answer from both mannen (men) would be a resounding Ja! Ja!

With news of Yaya Toure's disenchantment of his treatment growing by Manchester City, there would be no better time for the new manager at Manchester United to make a move, and it's widely acknowledged that the Old Trafford central area needs an overhaul. Arguably the best midfielder over the last two seasons would be a fantastic acquisition and a massive statement of intent that United are not just going to sit back and play second fiddle to their noisy neighbours.

The question is, would City even contemplate selling to one of their closest rivals? Toure only recently signed a new contract at the club, so Manuel Pellegrini is in a position of power and would surely demand a massive fee for the just turned 31 year old. Arsene Wenger might also have an eye on the situation, given their need for a Vieira-esque figure, and Wenger having known Toure since he was a boy of 15.

In truth, almost any team in the world would be glad of the chance to sign such a player, but a United approach could be seen by Toure as especially inviting, meaning that logistically there would be no need to relocate, and, if the wounds are as festering as some reports suggest, the idea of playing for City's closest geographical rivals might just add an extra incentive if he chooses to go down the road of forcing a move.

If ever there was a chance for van Gaal to prise one of the league champions best assets away from The Blues, now would be it, and with his older brother Kolo having worked with van Persie for years it's just possible that between the pair of them, their invite might be music to Yaya Toure's ears, whereas only a couple of weeks ago, had the idea been even suggested, you would have been looked at as if you were speaking Double Dutch.

Source: DSG