Rooney to have Ronaldo reunion at Real Madrid?

By 23 January 2014 02:16

The most unlikely sounding rumours revolve around Rooney at the moment with speculation mounting on what the player will do if or when the music stops at Manchester United. Will Rooney who has played well for United this season sign a new contract or will the 28-year-old England man seek new challenges elsewhere? So let’s have a round-up and I will let you decide which has potential and which has a certain unpleasant whiff.

Lets first look at the Real Madrid rumours that range from cash deals to swap deals with a bit of cash thrown in. Mourinho has suggested that the player he was looking to sign would most likely go abroad and there are certainly a number of clubs who would have around £25million to make the versatile striker their man. Such is the nature of contracts close to expiring the value will be depreciating and if he see’s out his contract he will be in a position to go for free.

The most likely destination is Real Madrid when you examine it, a team that will certainly have the Kudos that will appeal to Rooney and would also be a relatively easy switch having already played with and against a certain Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale in the Premier League. Rumours abound this morning of a £25million bid from Real for the striker.

The versatility of Rooney would certainly appeal to the Spanish giants with his ability to play as a lone striker or off a striker as would his price, making him much cheaper than other options. Madrid would also appeal to Manchester United as Moyes would likely be resistant to selling to a rival in the Premier League.

It has also been suggested that Rooney may form part of a swap deal with United using Rooney plus cash to capture Bale or Ronaldo but I find that quite far fetched and there is no suggestion that either player is unsettled.

Rooney to Chelsea in the Summer could also be a possibility, especially if the Mata deal goes through as expected. Chelsea wouldn’t have the appeal to Rooney or Manchester United that Real Madrid might have but Jose Mourinho himself who can see the strikers potential to Chelsea has suggested that United would sell Rooney abroad in the Summer whilst at the same time saying Chelsea would have been interested.

It should be noted that Moyes said Mourinho was wrong to suggest that United would sell Rooney in the Summer, obviously still wanting the player to consider a new deal with the Red Devils. It has been reported today in the Mirror that the Premier League Champions intend to sit down for contract talks with Wayne Rooney once the Mata deal is tied up.


Source: DSG