Rooney to get the Fergie treatment

09 September 2010 09:00
Wayne Rooney could be in for the mother of all verbal lashings or a comforting arm around the shoulder on his return to United. But whatever Reds boss Sir Alex Ferguson has in store following last weekend's lurid allegations about the striker's private life, we will probably never know publicly. A text message or telephone call to Rooney's mobile while he has been away on England duty from Fergie has probably happened. Just as it did when the Rooney-Ronaldo incident occured after the former was sent off in Gelsenkirchen at the World Cup in 2006. Ferguson has a history of standing by his players and going the extra mile to ensure his charges are made to feel safe in the confines of Old Trafford. He famously jumped on a plane to France to persuade Eric Cantona not to quit in 1995 after the FA extended his ban to eight months following his Selhurst Park kung-fu kick on a spectator. Enemy While Cantona was public enemy number one for his action outside of United, Fergie calmed the Frenchman down and he remained a Red. When David Beckham suffered the backlash of a nation after he was red-carded at France '98 against Argentina, the United manager was one of the first to call to urge him to return to Old Trafford where he'd be looked after while the storm raged. Rooney could be in no better hands while the controversy swirls over his alleged misdemeanours. Former United defender David May agrees that the England hitman will be protected as he deals with the scandal. Wayne will be handled perfectly at United, May told M.E.N. Sport. The one thing that every player who has ever played for United during Sir Alex Ferguson's reign says is that the gaffer is like a father figure. In times of need his door is always open and you are welcome to go and see him. That's unless he hasn't called you in first! I went in to see the manager on a few occasions when untrue stories had been written about me in the newspapers. You get the best support from him and an unbiased opinion. He stands by his players and he is a fantastic bloke for that. If you have problems you go into his office and talk it through and you come out of the meeting with a huge weight off your shoulders. I would hate to be going through what Wayne will be going through now. It is bad publicity but he will get a fair hearing with Sir Alex Ferguson. Respect No matter what is said it will remain private. Whether he tears into him or sympathises it will remain in those four walls and that is why players respect him so much. Once it has been said then he'll look after you and make sure you can concentrate on your football. A lot of clubs out there would probably turn there back on Wayne, just like they probably would have done with Eric Cantona. Or there are clubs who would just ignore it. I read Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti saying he doesn't mind what players do. But either way that is not how United or Sir Alex Ferguson goes about things. The club do care and there is also a togetherness about the place. They look after you. We have all done stupid things in our lives that we have regretted. Eric Cantona will probably have regrets over the kung-fu incident. David Beckham will have regrets about kicking out at Diego Simeone in the World Cup. But you have to learn from them, take your punishment and move on and try to repair things. Who knows how other clubs would have treated Eric or David during their dark days but one thing is for sure Fergie will stick by players through thick and thin and they couldn't have been in better hands to get through their personal hell. You can't do it all on your own. You need to have someone to talk to about it. Wayne is at the right club to get through this. He is adored by the fans And if anyone can help sort it out and help work his way through the mess then it will be Fergie.

Source: Manchester_EveningNews

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