Rooney to follow Ferguson out of the Old Trafford door? Bayern and Chelsea are waiting

09 May 2013 01:52

It was bad enough when the manger of twenty-odd years standing and umpteen trophies decides to call it quits, but when the highest profile player at the club declares an intention to leave as well, it just looks a bit careless. These are fairly traumatic times at Old Trafford.

Sure, the United PR machine has declared a ‘no sale’ status for England’s premier striker, but much the same was said about Ferguson recently, whilst revelations now leaking out of the club are indicating that the move was mooted back in February. The newspapers this morning are pretty unanimous in stating that a link for Rooney with Bayern Munich is no recent phenomenon, whilst Chelsea are also apparently keen to throw their hat into the ring. The apparently imminent appointment of David Moyes as Ferguson’s successor will do little to calm any wandering instinct that Rooney might have, as towards the end of his Everton tenure, relations between the two were apparently quite strained.

Bayern seem to have taken an early lead in the pursuit for Rooney’s signature and talks are supposedly well advanced. From Rooney’s perspective, with the Mancchester United trophy juggernaut facing a potential slow down after Ferguson’s exit, the lure of a move to hot club Bayern may well be attractive. An opportunity to sample the coaching excellence of Guardiola would doubtless be an entrancing prospect having already served under one inspirational manager. The question is however as to whether the player feels that he could adapt to a different culture. Should Rooney consider a move to Stamford Bridger instead, this would be less of a problem.

Speculation is rife that Roman Abramovich has personally signed off on the funds required to lure Rooney to Chelsea. It’s just the sort of marque signing that gets the Russian’s pulse racing. With Mourinho apparently set for his second coming at the Bridge as well, should the Bayern deal not materialise, Rooney could be faced with a choice of playing under Moyes or Mourinho.

All of this however is just so much talk if United refuse to let him go. With van Persie, Hernandez and Wellbeck already in the squad however, and the potential of adding Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, it may not be as outlandish as it looks at first. It may be that Moyes arrives at old Trafford just as Rooney leaves. It’s a bit like a revolving door is evolving. Who may be next for the entrance/exit?

Source: DSG