Rooney is still key to Manchester United

09 May 2013 01:18

The reaction to the recent news of Wayne Rooney second request to leave old Trafford has been greeted with indifference by the United faithful.

There is a common feeling that Rooney has not been at his best for United for some time, over shadowed by Van Persie and generally not the player that we were all led believe. It is obvious that some of the Reds have never seen him in the same light since handing in a written transfer request but do his performances warrant such apathy; let us look at some of his contributions to United in recent years.

Taking the mantle and leading his team through the post Ronaldo era Rooney was crowned the best player in the league by his fellow professionals in 2009/2010. Since then Rooney has gone on to score 50 goals and contribute 25 assists in 84 appearances, Rooney has directly contributed to a third of United League goals.

Rooney real strength comes in his link up play; his ability to drop deep, bring others into play and dictate a tempo to a game is where he shows his real class, his pass completion has never dropped below an average of 82% and has the highest amount of passes for a forward at the club.

The indifference to Rooney potential departure is concerning, despite RVP headlines, Carrick’s prominence and Rio’s revival, Rooney still holds the key. Rooney’s determination, vision, and skill will see him be a consistent performer for potentially the next 10 years.

Source: DSG