Ronaldo refuses to close the door on Premier League return

03 July 2013 02:03

It’s the sort of comment from Ronaldo that Real Madrid really dIdn’t want to hear. Presented with an opportunity to affirm his long-term allegiance to the club, the player instead equivocated. Sure, he didn’t say he was leaving, but the point is that he could have killed all of the speculation with a sentence or two – but chose not to.

Madrid have consistently sought to pour cold water on any speculation that Ronaldo’s apparent reluctance to sign a new contract at the club. With just two years remaining on his current deal, the nightmare scenario for the Spainsh club, of having one of the best players walking away for free at the end of the contract or having to agree a cut price deal to get some financial return this time next year, edges closer with each passing day. It’s the sort of financial catastrophe that would have Madrid’s money men contemplating throwing themselves from the top of the Bernabeu’s steeply tiered stands.

Sky Sports quote the Portuguese as saying “I miss English football. For me, it was one of the best years in my career when I was there in Manchester United. Everyone knows that it is a club that is still in my heart and I really, really miss.” For Manchester United fans, it must be music to their ears, keeping alive the tantalising prospect of their hero returning to Old Trafford. It must however be remembered that should the player become available, United won’t be the only game in town. Chelsea already have an interest, and PSG would be keen to throw some of their oil money on Madrid’s troubled waters.

Just how possible is it that Ronaldo will call time on his Madrid career? I guess the answer is probably in the realms of “not very.” Skybet are quoting the chances of him signing for another club as odds against; the shortest priced option of course being Manchester United. This means of course that they consider it most likely that he will stay in Spain.

Still, there’s no harm in dreaming, and for United fans, the return of Ronaldo would make up some way for the loss of their talismanic manager. As long as Ronaldo avoids unequivocally declaring that he’s staying at Madrid, he’ll be encouraging speculation.


Source: DSG