Ronaldo faces claim over Manchester tunnel car crash

20 February 2009 08:48
The Portuguese winger walked away uninjured after he wrote off his sports car in the collision.[LNB]His vehicle bounced off the walls of the tunnel on the A538 near the airport which takes traffic under the runways between Wilmslow and Hale.[LNB]His £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Spider then struck a metal handrail which guarded an emergency exit door and came to a halt when one of the wheels came off.[LNB]It is understood Ronaldo faces a £20,000 bill to pay for repairs to damaged brickwork, buckled railings and the smashed exit door.[LNB]A Manchester Airport spokesman said: 'Part of the airport's infrastructure was damaged in a road traffic accident and as is normal practice our insurers are talking to the other party's insurance company.'[LNB]Ronaldo, 23, was driving to Manchester United's training ground near Sale when the collision took place on January 8 at about 10.20am.[LNB]Team-mate Edwin van der Sar was travelling behind at the time of the crash and later gave him a lift to training.[LNB]Greater Manchester Police continue to investigate the incident.[LNB]

Source: Telegraph