Red Devils FAB deal for Cesc to RE-GAS Title Tilt

15 July 2013 09:17
Van Persie's old mate will consider Uniteds approach. Today’s breaking news, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, and have no Broadband, phone, internet, television or any multi-media device (in which case you won’t see this report either!) is that Cesc Fabregas of Barcelona is the subject of a £25M bid from Manchester United. 

Right here at ManchesterUnitedMAD, on Thursday 11th July of last week, one thousand two hundred of you enlightened souls read the article entitled “Moyes to turn to Barca again for Magic in the Midfield”. In this, it was reported that “Now we are back to Fabregas” (in the wake of Thiago Alcantara’s defection to Bayern) and we advised (and implored) “Oh Davie (Moyes), just be done with it and splash the cash! Recruit the magic!”

Thankfully, David Moyes has taken our advice and we have the mouth-watering prospect of a United side with a strong presence of ex-Arsenal Captains possibly on board!  Arsenal aside, Cesc is the Quality midfielder that United crave in the aftermath of Paul Scholes retirement. He is the evolutional cog needed to keep pace with the Money Pumping Machines of Chelsea and City.  He is the highly creative, string pulling maestro who will dominate United’s midfield rivals with his sheer footballing ability and intuitive knack of controlling possession and tempo.  He is the link-man who will help release and further embellish the other attacking talents at United’s disposal.  He is possibly the signing to persuade the unsettled Wayne Rooney once and for all that Old Trafford is the place to be.

Now, we know that David Moyes is a fan of this web-site, lets hope that Cesc tunes in here too so that he can get a glimpse of life through the lens of Manchester-United-MAD.  

Source: United Mad