Pulis Ready For United

11 April 2013 03:57
According to reports, Stoke manager Tony Pulis is looking forward to taking on the Reds this weekend or is it just bravado?

Pulis has been under fire from many of the Potteries faithful as they have slipped from a decent midtable position to just three points ahead of the relegation zone.

Their slide down the table has been alarming to the Stoke fans, even if the rest of the Premiership knew that it was just a matter of time before their negative tactics and their rugby style of play got the better of them.

Pulis is looking for a win at the weekend but just how is meant to pull that off I just don't know, United will be looking to batter someone after going down at home to Man City on Monday night, so it might as well be Stoke that gets it as anyone else, they are more deserving of it after all.

Pulis told Sky Sports: "It's a game that we are looking forward to. This is why you want to be in the Premier League. We have given them good games here before.

"They have just lost against City, and I'm sure Fergie will have been at them this week. It will be incredibly tough for us."

Pulis was keen to point out that his side had come a long way from the days they had in the old third division to getting back into the Premier League by the skin of their teeth and then managing to stay up when the whole nation had them as certs to go down after just one season.

He added: "I accept that in life and in football, you have good times and bad times. Its how you deal with it that is important. Hopefully, with the background I have had, I will be able to see this through. It is a great challenge.

"You get no grace for what you have achieved, people look at what you are doing now, and what we are doing now isn't what we have done in recent years.

"Hopefully, fingers crossed, the lads will enjoy this challenge because we haven't had this before. We are desperate to succeed in it."

Source: United Mad