PSG hope mega money deal will tempt Rooney away from Manchester United

03 June 2013 12:59

Has he asked for a transfer? Do Manchester United want to sell him? Is it the end of the road at Old Trafford for Wayne Rooney? If PSG have anything to do with it, regardless of the answers to the first two questions, they want to make the one to last one, a resounding 'Yes!'

The French champions have been linked with Rooney for as long as the rumours of him leaving Old Trafford have been evident, and the intervening time has not diminished their ardor or desire to get the deal done. Although united maintain the stance that the player is not for sale, Rooney’s international commitments have meant that any ‘clear the air’ talks with new manager David Moyes have had to be put on a rather inconvenient hold. Whilst that situation persists, PSG will continue their pursuit.

The key card that the Paris club will play isn’t the almost guaranteed domestic trophies and medals available to anyone pulling on the PSG shirt, or even the regular participation in the Champions’ League competition. Their trump could well be the massive salary they can offer as the cherry on top of that particular French fancy. News reports are saying that matching United’s salary of £250,000 a week isn’t a problem, with figures of up to £300,000 after tax, being bandied about. Further, the Qatari owned club appear prepared to say ‘name your price’ to Rooney if even that isn’t enough.

A big offer could also weaken the resolve of Manchester United – if such resolve exists. Although with a new manager landing at Old Trafford, there’ll be a marked tendency not to rock the boat too much and turn the club upside down, should PSG make an offer in the region of £40million or so, the reaction could be interesting.

Most of the betting sites seem to think that come next season, Rooney will still be wearing United’s red, and I have to say that I’m inclined to agree. PSG however seem determined to push their case as hard as possible, and if a few extra million euros or so will swing the deal, expect them to go for it. Awash with oil money, they’ll be slick with an intent to spend.

Source: DSG

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