Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz returns to South Africa, scene of his pain

13 June 2010 01:07
Carlos Queiroz, the former Manchester United assistant manager, is reliving some painful memories on his return to South Africa with Portugal, having been forced out as the Bafana Bafana manager following malicious rumours of racism.

Sir Alex Ferguson's old friend was effectively sacked just weeks before the 2002 World Cup after he had helped South Africa qualify. 

Local knowledge: Carlos Queiroz (left) tells Cristiano Ronaldo what to expect in South Africa

Queiroz, who was born in neighbouring Mozambique, was alleged to have given preference to white players or those from Cape Town who are seen as 'less black'.

Former Barnsley and South Africa defender Eric Tinkler, who played under Queiroz for South Africa, said the problems started during a trip to Mali when accommodation was allocated to the players.

He said: 'Some people put out the idea that the Zulu player's facilities were worse compared with black team-mates from Cape Town and with the whites.

'The news was put out that Queiroz preferred white players and those from Cape Town. It spread like wildfire. When Queiroz heard about it he was completely shocked. Two months before leaving for South Korea, we learned that Jomo Sono had been made national team coach and Queiroz his assistant manager.

'As it wasn't possible to justify the unjustifiable, the people in charge didn't have the courage to sack him. Obviously Queiroz didn't accept it and left with his dignity untouched, as the dignified human being that he is.

'By way of punishment of those who caused the great upheaval, Queiroz was distinguished with the invitation from Manchester United.'

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Source: Daily_Mail