Owen expects more United goals

24 August 2009 08:57
MICHAEL Owen believes he can go on a goal-scoring run for United after opening his competitive club account against Wigan. But the former England striker knows he'll remain a constant target for critics. "It's a nice feeling. I scored quite a few goals in pre-season but there is nothing quite like doing it in the season," said Owen. "I only played an hour or so at Burnley and had 15-20 minutes in the home game against Birmingham so I've not played 90 minutes yet in total but there has still been quite a lot made of the fact I hadn't scored. It was though I hadn't scored for a couple of years. Owen pressure "I probably scored with the hardest chance I've had so far. I had two chances at Burnley and one chance after coming on against Birmingham so Saturday's goal was only the fourth chance I've had in a United shirt. "I scored four in pre-season and didn't miss a chance, scoring everything in front of me. "But when the season starts and I miss a couple of chances, as ever, everyone is quick to write you off. "You have pressure in any game, especially when you play for United. There is a massive pressure to win every game, and that's just for starters. "Then there is the pressure to justify your place in the team and squad and everything else. So there is always a pressure. "But in terms of proving anything to anyone else I have had to deal with that for the last 10 or 12 years and that will never change until I hang up my boots. "I'd be disappointed if people didn't think I could go on from here. I obviously believe I can. I have done that throughout my career so I expect to go on and score more goals in the United shirt." United future The champions' 5-0 response to the midweek humbling at Burnley, savagely dispersed the critics. "It is a bit like me personally over the years, it is the same for Manchester United. They have won the Premier League so many times, including the last three, so it is inevitable that one defeat or even one draw and everyone is mentioning the words crisis," he added. "Well, we came up with the answer. I don't think anyone really needs to answer it. It is all about what you do on the pitch that answers it." While 29-year-old Owen was celebrating his first goal for the Reds his ex-England strike partner and potential future international sidekick again, Wayne Rooney, was clocking up his 100th for the Reds with his first of two at Wigan. "You forget how young Wayne is because he has achieved so much in the game already. "But it's fantastic to score 100 goals for United at such a young age," said Michael. "But Wayne is the sort who will already be looking at the next target, the next milestone. To get 100 goals for a club is a fantastic achievement. Not many players do that at any club, let alone United. "He fully deserves the achievement. I'm delighted for him as I'm sure everyone else is."

Source: Manchester_EveningNews