Oh captain, my captain - Who'll be wearing the armband at Manchester United next season?

24 May 2014 07:47

So another season came to an end. It was the 22nd season of this amazing game.

A lot of changes have occur even in these two weeks.

Manchester United has to reinvent itself until the kick of in August.

They have a new manager, Louis van Gaal, which is a great start. But the preparation for ‘war” is not nearly done. They need something more because Ryan Giggs is not on the field anymore. They need a leader right there with them .

The big question is: who will that leader be?

My money is on Rooney. I think he deserves it and I really thing he is ready for it!

There is one issue thoughVan Gaal believes very much in van Persie who is also the Holland’s captain. The manager thinks Van Persie is a great leader.

I guess we still have to wait a bit and so does Rooney. He said on an interview published on Eurosport that even if Van Gaal will pick Van Persie he will have nothing against it and will respect the manager’s decision.

Until a captain will be chosen Manchester United have a lot to work and to repair to make it work again.

Source: DSG