Now is the Time for Manchester United to do Something about Cristiano Ronaldo

14 June 2013 09:07

Yesterday Cristiano Ronaldo took to Twitter and sent out this blast. "All the news about my renewal with Real Madrid is false." Most of us were wondering if Ronaldo was going to comment on his situation and he did in a big way.

So things at Real Madrid are not as wonderful as Madrid President Florentino Perez has made it out to be. Lately, Perez has taken to the media proclaiming that all was well and that Madrid and Ronaldo were happy together. Ronaldo dispelled that with his 45 character proclamation via Twitter. Ronaldo’s current deal ends in 2015 and Perez has hopeful to extend it for several more years.

So Ronaldo has again opened the door to speculation about a transfer. It is now time to see if United and David Moyes are truly willing to part with £60-80m pounds on Ronaldo’s transfer back to Old Trafford. If Sir Alex Ferguson was still the boss, the answer would be, yes, and it is believed that he would do all that was in his power to get Ronaldo back to where he belongs. Ronaldo and Ferguson had quite the Father-Son relationship but with all children, one day you must let them go and explore the world. Ronaldo left United in 2009 for £80m but has always spoken well about United and has never ruled out a return.

There has been much speculation about Ronaldo and a return to the red side of Manchester. Now it is time for United to show their cards once and for all. There are a few other clubs that have the interest and of course the bank account to lure Ronaldo away from the Santiago Bernabéu. It is also no secret that Ronaldo loved playing at United and that would be his first choice if he were interested in truly leaving Real Madrid.

This move alone could help define David Moyes’ tenure at United and once and for all prove that he is more than capable of managing at the highest level. We will now see if United have the true desire to bring back arguably the greatest player in the world and propel United back to the top of European football.


Source: DSG