My thoughts on the treatment of Moyes and a thank you

22 April 2014 05:13

As a United fan this year has been nothing short of painful, not only to watch but to see the values of the club and image being torn apart week after week.

From the start it's been a disaster, the transfer market was a total nightmare, then came the awkward and slightly uneasy conferences, where too much was given away and said or the what became the cliché of "This is Manchester Unitedblah blah blah" You'd have thought by repeating those words so often he might have actually taken in some of the philosophies of the club but instead tried too much to just repeat his work at Everton and not build and work on what he was good at.

I always believed he deserved his time. You give a man who has won nothing previously and has risen through the leagues through long spells and being given time to shape a stable club. So to give an apprentice the chance to become boss does seem a little silly unless you give them time to learn and make their vision clear. He is a man who makes stability; he isn't a risk taker and creates a team on little money. But through experience this could have changed. I felt he was going to make mistakes and sometimes the wrong things would be done but he would have learnt from them. Ferguson had three years of pain and troubles and those three years became; history, you could say. Many say, getting rid of the backroom staff was a bad idea and I agree to come into that job he could've used their experience, not just on training and the players but when it comes to press conferences and transfers they'd have a working mind on the club and he would have had this advice, to then give to the backroom staff he could've brought it later. In pre-season to see such young talented players such as Zaha, Powell and Lingard go out on loan was maybe another mistake, under Ferguson I think he could have got away with just based on his unwillingness to lose. But with Moyes, without Scholes and not playing Giggs, the midfield currently is very average, a player like Powell or Zaha could have taken pressure off those players with pace, bravery and a willingness to attack. We lost the games against Everton, West Brom and Liverpool anyway so in hindsight the risk could've been taken.

It takes time to get to know everyone at the club, to see the youth, your first team, everything. Alex Ferguson was able to see problems at the club instantly when he first arrived as the problems were clear and the club at the time wasn't the mega franchise it is today. The first changes made were to the youth and the youth are a significant part to United.

How many Man United players have come through and gone into the England squad. This is because one manager was at the club able to see and keep together those footballers and didn't do what Chelsea and Man City do with new managers changing so frequently, that no one gets a real chance to show themselves or build relationships to help groom the youth. There’s no consistency.

There are so many for’s and against you could discuss it for a long time, even to death with the amount of coverage and time spent on it, the past two days. The stats compared to Fersuson on the same games are better, but times have changed, loyalty is dead.

On BBC's Radio 5 Live Terry Christian said "I think a fish rots from the head down". I think people should take note, it’s cyclical, the transfers were dealt with by Executive Vice Chairman and Director Ed Woodward and that is where the trouble began, he was the man who chatted with Moyes this morning and gave him the "Alan Sugar" treatment. The Glaziers are at Manchester United for the franchise and the "cash cow “as it's been called. They say the decision to sack Moyes was based on football reasons. Why then, as soon as United are confirmed not to be in the Champions League next season, he given the boot when they're have been so many failings on the pitch and nothing was done.

I will conclude with this, the clubs shoddy short statement says it all, the whole story was leaked so embarrassingly for everyone involved yesterday and nothing was said and today only a line saying a small thanks to him. United need to take a look at how they deal with transfers, leaks and general PR because if this continues, all integrity, all loyalty and all pride in the club will vanish.

Thank you David Moyes,

You did the best you could; you deserved more time to establish yourself in the role. Results haven't gone quite as everyone would have wanted. You’ve had to deal with one problem after another, as well as getting your head around the club on a day to day basis. You got the club to the quarter finals of the Champions League, on your debut in the competition with some good performances along the way.

It's a shame you haven't been given the chance to bring in your beliefs and own expectations to the team; your style of play or to learn and grow with the club, the players and the fans. I apologise for the disrespect you have been given throughout your tenure especially to the end. Thank you again and we all wish you the very best in the future.

Source: DSG

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