Moyes' tactics to blame for Manchester United Cup Exit

23 January 2014 09:30

Manchester United have been knocked out of the Capital One cup on penalties to Premier League struggler’s Sunderland. The papers will have a field day.

Many will lay blame with goalkeeper David De Gea, after all it was his mistake in the dying minutes which allowed the Black Cats to take the game to spot kicks. Others will point the finger at Danny Welbeck, Phil Jones, Adnan Januzaj and Rafael Da Silva, all of whom were atrocious from 12 yards.

However, blame doesn’t lie with any of the above, instead, it all comes down to David Moyes’ defensive, mid-table tactics.

United went 1-0 up shortly before half time, the game was theirs for the taking, they could have (and under Sir Alex Ferguson surely would have) turned it up a gear, gone for the kill, and put the game to bed long before the 90 minutes was up.

Instead, Moyes deployed what can only be described as ‘Everton tactics’, the home side took a negative approach to the second half, and tried to preserve their slender lead and scrape through to Wembley, at times going as far as to keep it in the corner with over ten minutes to play.

When has that ever been ‘the United way’?

Much has been made of the lack of quality in United’s squad at present, but the fact of the matter is this, until Moyes develops a ‘big club’ attitude, success is going to continue to elude the Red Devils.


Source: DSG