Moyes' last chance to rescue the season for United

12 February 2014 09:26

Wednesday classic against Arsenal on Emirates could be one of the last opportunities for Manchester United and its manager David Moyes to prove that things in the club are going in right direction, despite having worst season since many years. It’s not only 3 points and closing the distance Champions League place, that are at stakes. What’s more important, United is fighting to restore their old style of play back from Fergie times or develop the new one.

Manchester United does not win games already lost, anymore. There are no matches like that now. Only 6 months after Sir Alex Ferguson left the bank on Old Trafford we managed to forget about these brave triumphs, it’s only a sweet memory now. Recent reality is seventh place in BPL table and home draw against average Fulham. And the ever growing supremacy of City’s rivals. Last year they still managed to tear the trophy out on Fergie’s farewell. But today, only one Manchester side is in the race for the crown.

It’s not exactly that the splendid times are over, but everyone in and around the club must have a lot of patience and getting used to the situation. Not only Ferguson left. Few players who were stars in the old United, like Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra announced their department. Another club icon, Wayne Rooney still fuels the rumours that he also still consider the relocation. And Ryan Giggs is 41. How long, do You think, he is able to carry on?

Now, the last chance to stay in contention in this grim season, game against Arsenal on Emirates on Wednesday. London team is also suffering after heavy knock-out on Anfield on the weekend. That’s a brilliant opportunity for MU to stand on their feet and join the league battle again. I imagine that Alex Ferguson would motivate his players, as it would be the Champions League final, knowing that such chance could not repeat again.

In hard games like that, David Moyes can show his real charisma and prove that he is very talented manager. Against teams like Fulham or Stoke he only dropped 2 or 3 points. Against Gunners he may lost the chance to remind everyone that he’s leading the team with most titles amongst British clubs.

But in case of win, he may not only be back in the race for trophy or at least Champions League place. He can also restore the unforgettable play style, which makes the club famous in Europe or start his own way of play which would be a United trademark for next years.

After all he has been crowned as United boss by one of the biggest legends of British football.


Source: DSG