Mourinho's falsehoods to beguile the Press

19 July 2013 07:38
.into getting what he wants

Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain has told the Spanish Press that Chelsea have been sounding out about a move for the Argentine He maintains that Jose Mourinho is desperate to take him to Stamford Bridge. Arsenal were leading the race to acquire Higuains services, but have been stunned by Madrids new valuation. Madrid raised their asking price to €37M, a price which the traditionally thrifty Gunners have baulked at.

More interesting though, is Jose Mourinho's about turn on his Rooney statements of the past few days. Mourinho has been recorded as saying that it's Rooney or bust for Chelsea this summer, and that if we (Chelsea) don't sign Rooney then we sign no-one!

The day after, Higuain tells the Spanish Press that Mourinho is 'desperate' for his signature.

And Wayne Rooney is worried about the mixed messages coming from Manchester United!  Yesterday, Rooney was the sun, moon & stars to Mourinho, it was him or no-one. Cue the entrance of Higuain, the new object of his affections, whom, lest I remind you again, the guy who Mourinho is now 'desperate' for.

Mourinho is a drama queen and not to be trusted.  He uses the press to stir excitement on his behalf, unsettling players, backed by the very deep pockets of Roman Abramovich. False charm & money can be a lethal combination, and Mourinho will tell lies at will to get what he wants.

Beware Wayne! Better the devil you know than the devil you don't!

Source: United Mad