Model's murderer lodges an appeal

26 August 2009 11:45
A man who killed his model girlfriend has lodged an appeal against his murder conviction and 24-year tariff.Ricardo Morrison, 22, from Birmingham, stabbed 19-year-old Amy Leigh Barnes nine times at a house in Farnworth, near Bolton, in November 2008. Branded "dangerous beyond words" by the trial judge, he was sentenced to life and ordered to serve at least 24 years at Manchester Crown Court in July. The Court Service confirmed the papers had been sent to the Court of Appeal. 'I'm dying' Miss Barnes was stabbed with such force her liver was perforated. Her father found her in a pool of blood at her grandmother's home, shortly after she had managed to dial 999 to beg for help. Ricardo Morrison "controlled and abused" his victimThe court heard the harrowing telephone call during the two-week trial. "I'm dying. He's stabbed me to death. I'm dying. Please help me," she told the operator. On sentencing, Justice MacDuff told Morrison: "You had controlled and abused Amy Leigh Barnes over many months. "Yours was a sustained campaign of prolonged physical, emotional and psychological abuse. "Those of us who listened to her last anguished shouts in that 999 emergency call recording will never be able to forget it. "You were unable to listen to it yourself." The papers have been sent to the Court of Appeal, which will consider whether Morrison has a case.

Source: BBC_Sport