Michael Owen should turn to feng shui, recommends Geoffrey Boycott

05 January 2010 09:59
Boycott, who has been a staunch Manchester United supporter since 1962, is a great proponent of feng shui an ancient Chinese system which claims to align your house and living spaces in an auspicious manner.

'I have a feng shui master that I use,' said Boycott. 'And he helped me when I was ill in 2002. He works out your birth-chart and the positions of the stars and I was encouraged to sleep with my head pointing south-east.

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'I don't know Michael myself but I know he has had trouble with his fitness and I was keen to help, having been a Manchester United supporter since I first saw Bobby Charlton and Denis Law play. I believe that David passed the message on to Michael, but that is as much as I've heard.'

Source: Telegraph