Mediocrity, Moyes and Madness at Manchester United

31 March 2014 10:20

Who’d be a manager? Stress, abuse, difficult players and a need for results instantly, even winning managers are being booed.

Apart from the anomaly that is Guardiola, whom took on another challenge and has made history like it’s just another day at the office with Bayern Munich, winning the Bundeliga with 7 games remaining and are on a 52 game winning run.

On another side of the European pond are their upcoming opponents and rather gloomy looking Manchester United and their manager David Moyes. Two transitions that have turned out very differently, two teams that had both came out last season as comfortable winners of their respective leagues. Guardiola obviously stated on Tuesday that Jupp Heynckes had laid the foundations. This was what had been believed Sir Alex Ferguson had done for David Moyes. The only highlighting problem is that previous seasons contained the drive to win from Sir Alex and the midfield maestro that is Scholes, both of these covered up nicely the gapping cracks in the dam at Manchester United and now Moyes has been left drowning, from the number of problems left since his departure.

This week some of the United fans lost their heads after the awful showing in the derby against Manchester City on Tuesday by storming Moyes in the dugout and trying to destroy banners. Even though, it was a better performance than that at Old Trafford on the weekend a couple of weeks ago against Liverpool. Most United fans know the issues with the team and didn’t expect any different from the City game, they know, as many have stated Moyes can’t fix the problems that have been at United in one season, it’ll take time for him to get to know the workings of the club, to bring in players, to discover others already at the club and to get United back to where, in recent years we have all been used to.

It was a shame and embarrassing to see stewards having to protect Moyes in the dugout and “The Chosen one” sign from being pulled down, only a couple of days after seeing United fans singing to the rafters after the Liverpool game. The easy options are to blame and shout the difficult job one is staying defiant in the current struggles. It seems the Manchester United motto has been forgotten by some of those fans.

It has also been revealed that some ‘fans’ have decided to show their discontent by having a plane fly over Old Trafford with the message “The Wrong one-Moyes out” today. Let’s all just take a second and think, haven’t we seen this before.? This time not even a year into the managers rein. It’s madness.

Times have changed and United have changed but the foundations of the club have not, and I’m 100% sure Moyes knows that, and yes, there have been failings on and off the pitch via results and poor press conferences that have left many feeling awkward. By that I mean, saying too much or just falling to the “it’s a tough job”, “this is Manchester United” etc. The fans should just support the team no matter what because everyone knows United’s ambitions and what they strive to achieve, so is it unnecessary for fans to get on top of that, when the media emphasise the troubles already and the board would come in if it continues for too long of a period, say 4 seasons.

Personally the possible action by those disgruntled fans will be embarrassing for them and the club, no one’s happy about this season and having to see players like Mata come in and play out of position, even though it seems obvious to us that he needs to be in the middle or the left, but to go out of your way to show your discontent in such a way is foolish. Every team has a rise and a fall, Ferguson managed to keep that rise going unlike many others, as to when United slumped he went on to build a new team, repeatedly. That is the stage where Man United is currently at, they won’t have a 10 year slump like Liverpool but maybe have to go through a 3-4 year slump, for the glory days to return. A steady head and mindset from the fans as well as the club will be needed.

Source: DSG