Manchester United's Transitioning Nightmare

03 January 2014 09:39

David Moyes reign as manager of Manchester United is not hanging on a thread, and despite the plethora of cockney reds who were calling the talksport radio show in the aftermath of the Spurs defeat calling for his resignation the bottom line is that Moyes is Sir Alex Ferguson’s recommendation and therefore he will have at least two more transfer windows to play with before the Glaziers even begin to consider the unthinkable.

Utd fans won’t like this but Manchester United is officially in transition. To be fair to the red devils they don’t appear to be having their usual large slices of luck and Howard Webb’s decision making in the Spurs game raised a number of eyebrows. I often wondered how Manchester Utd won the league last year and it was mainly down to two factors, their City rivals imploding and the Sir Alex factor. There was also the small matter of RvP’s goals.

Sir Alex was indeed a brilliant manager. Not only the master of mind-games, he genuinely got the best out of some very average players. Those average players are now struggling without this exemplary player-management. Moyes’ normally calm veneer finally cracked after the latest home defeat to Spurs when he called Webb’s failure to award a penalty after the mistimed Lloris challenge “scandalous” . Moyes is normally a very cool customer and the signs of pressure were surprising to see.

The transition of one of the biggest clubs in the world threatens to destabilise everything that the global United brand stands for. Not having Champions League football next year is likely to have a massive impact on who comes to Manchester United. It could also impact on some of their stars wanting to leave and it will definitely impact their bank balance.

Utd can ill afford to transition at a time when petrol dollar clubs in the Premiership are piling on the agony with bottomless pockets of cash attracting the best talent strengthening their squads at the detriment of their rivals. Liverpool are a case in question where transitioning finally appears to be showing dividends but the club is reaping the benefit of standing by Brendan Rogers when many were calling for his head. David Moyes is not likely to be shown the same level of patience but he will have a chance of getting silverware in his first year if his United can overcome both Sunderland and their arch rivals City in the final (no disrespect to West Ham but they will not beat Manchester City over two legs).

As far as the Premiership crown is concerned, the transition of Manchester United could have serious implications and a barren spell in this respect is not unthinkable. What do Manchester United fans think? How long should David Moyes be given? Who should you sign in the January transfer window?


Source: DSG