Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson - From a Tottenham fans perspective

08 May 2013 12:18

The only fitting way to describe Sir Alex is as a football genius. A true legend of the game. Despite the animosity I feel towards Manchester United – perhaps because they have beaten Spurs a countless number of times over the years – at this time, I can only think of the positives.

In my eyes, Ferguson was an inspirational figure. Taking average Manchester United squads – including this year’s one – and leading them to glory. Utilising experience and know-how of both his backroom staff and the senior members of the squad – Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are the names that spring out – to motivate the Red Devils towards victories.

He has unfortunately been described many times as ‘an angry Scottish man’ – by myself included. But name me a manager who doesn't get angry when decisions don’t go their way? Every manager has a specific style; Ferguson uses an eclectic mix of terror (the world-renowned hair-dryer) and tactical nous to achieve the optimum results. His passion can sometimes be misconstrued as anger; simply put, he has the necessary mindset of any footballing-man – he is desperate to win every single game.

As a Spurs fan, I revelled in taking 4 points from United this season; indeed, I particularly loved laughing at the expression on Ferguson’s face when Clint Dempsey netted a 93rd minute equaliser in the snow at White Hart Lane. There will always be moments when you love to have a joke at another manager’s expense: however now, with ‘SAF’, I can only look at the bigger picture.

He naturally garners respect. He demands the best and slaughters the worst; Ferguson was a footballing great. It is a loss for Manchester United, certainly, as they now have to strive to replace him, but most importantly, it is a loss for football. Will we ever see such a manager again?

Source: DSG