Manchester United's finances under Glazer family to be investigated by BBC's Panorama

28 May 2010 03:14
Manchester United's finances under the controversial Glazer family are to be the subject of an investigation by Panorama next month.

The club's huge debt, together with the £80m raised by the sale of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, will be the main subject of the BBC's flagship current affairs programme, which is due to be screened on June 7.

Controversial: The Glazer family have owned Manchester United since 2005

United have yet to co-operate with the programme makers, and with manager Sir Alex Ferguson still refusing to speak to the corporation following a 2004 Panorama expose into the alleged business dealings of his son, Jason, the bad feeling between the BBC and the club is likely to increase.

Beeb bashing: Sir Alex Ferguson has accused the corporation in the past of 'breathtaking arrogance'

Ferguson accused the BBC of 'breathtaking arrogance' following that programme.

Although the investigation is reported by the Telegraph to be based on a broad theme of football club ownership and the game's financial health, the main topic is believed to be the situation surrounding the Glazers and attempts by the Red Knights to launch a supporter-backed takeover bid.

The Glazer family issued a statement on Friday morning, confirming the club was not for sale.

Despite their determination to resist any takeover bid, supporter groups behind the green-and-gold campaign continue to claim that the family's business interests are suffering as a result of the economic downturn.

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Source: Daily_Mail