Manchester United 'won't go eye to eye'

23 February 2009 10:04
Ferguson was responding to Jose Mourinho's taunt that Manchester United would not meet his team "eye to eye" in the first leg because they know they could lose.

It was Mourinho as we remembered him, mind games mania let loose on his old foe. "Remember the way they played against Barcelona," he said. "They went into the game with a different approach [to the Premier League].

"I know Sir Alex doesn't like the word, and a team like Man Utd don't like the word, so I'm not saying they are afraid of us but they respect us. They know they can lose. They will change more than us. We will play the same way we do in our championship, 4-4-2. We have no fear to admit this. United will not play like they do in the Premiership. They will go more defensive. I don't think they are coming here to play eye to eye, to try to win the game here."

Ferguson hit back, saying Inter could not change if they wanted to and that he is looking for the away goal that could prove decisive. "I'm trying to think how Inter Milan could possibly change. I don't think they can,'' he said. ''They are what they are. We won't be changing much ourselves. We will play our normal way. We hope we can express ourselves.

"I think it will be decided tomorrow night. If we score we have a great chance. It is always an intention when you play away from home in Europe today. It can mean something really big when you get to your own ground."

Ferguson highlighted Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the biggest threat. "He is their star player. He has had a fantastic season. He is at the age now where you expect that bit of maturity.''

Despite that, Ferguson expects his World Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo, to shine brightest. "When he was here two years ago against AC Milan we saw the immaturity in the boy. But we see a different player now. We need that tomorrow from him and all the players."

Source: Telegraph

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