Manchester United v Inter: Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson renew hostilities

11 March 2009 09:24
Mar 2004As Manchester United were dumped out of the Champions League by Mourinho's Porto in a shock second-round defeat, Ferguson accused his opponents of 'unacceptable' dramatics on the pitch.

Mourinho retorted: 'I understand why he is a bit emotional. You would be sad if your team gets as clearly dominated by opponents who have been built on 10 per cent of the budget.'

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Jul 2004Ferguson accorded Mourinho a frosty welcome to the Premier League, questioning whether Roman Abramovich's transfer bounty would be enough for the self-styled 'Special One' to win the title at Chelsea.

'Money is not the issue,' the Scot said. 'What matters is if they have picked the right players. That remains to be seen.'

Sure enough, Mourinho won the championship in his debut season.

Jan 2005Mourinho's ire was stirred after the first leg of Chelsea's Carling Cup semi-final against United, when he claimed: 'Alex was clever putting pressure on the ref at half-time. It was whistle and whistle, fault and fault, cheat and cheat.' He was fined £5,000 for improper conduct.

Apr 2007Ferguson urged the football authorities to punish Mourinho for waging a 'war' on referees – a move sparked by the Portuguese branding Cristiano Ronaldo a 'liar' for disputing his argument that officials were favouring United in penalty decisions.

'He just seems to go on, and on, and on, Jose Mourinho seems to be on some personal crusade about regulations and honesty and suspicion in the game. Jesus, God. It is a rant all the time now. I don't think it is fair to the game.'


Source: Telegraph