Manchester United target Edinson Cavani busy playing games

24 July 2014 09:15

Over the last few weeks there have been many rumours and much speculation over Paris Saint-Germain forward, Edinson Cavani moving to the Premier League. Cavani is said to be upset about his current position on the pitch and how he is being utilized by Paris Saint-Germain.

It is no secret that many a footballer or club has employed the use of the media to sow a sense of restlessness. It starts with a word or two of discontent from the player himself or a “friend” of the player. It goes something like this: “Suarez has always respected Barcelona and we would love for him to be here”. It usually doesn’t take much more than that. Before you know it the story has been blown all out of proportion and soon the inevitable happens; your favourite player is now in a new league, in a new country.

Could this be a “similar” tactic that Cavani is now employing to get PSG to play him in the position that he wants? In a recent quote, Cavani stated: “I feel good at Paris and I count on staying, but considering how this window has gone thus far, nobody really knows. The idea was for me to stay in Paris and the owner of the club thinks the same.”

This story seems to be more of a warning shot then about a player that really would like to move elsewhere. The rhetoric doesn’t seem to be at the level that most “disgruntled” players use when they are truly unhappy. If Cavani is serious about a move away, he better start upping his game, because right now he is still sitting the bench.

Source: DSG