Manchester United skipper Nemanja Vidic's injury a concern for Moyes

11 July 2013 01:03
With the new season only a month or so away, news that key defender Nemanja Vidic is missing from Manchester United’s squad to tour East Asia and Australia will be a cause of concern for new manager David Moyes.

Normally, pre-season bumps and bruises, stretches and strains, are very often the consequence of knocking the summer rust from reluctant limbs as players get down to work again. The club’s lack of explanation for the absence however, only adds to the intrigue, with rumours swirling around that the problem may be linked to the the troublesome knee injury that has caused Vidic to miss so much game time. Some sources have offered ‘sciatica’ as an explanation, but there’s no official confirmation of this that I can see to date. The danger of course is that, at 31 years old, the ability of the body to heal is diminished, especially if the injury is on top of a long and punishing career at the highest level.

All United fans must be hoping that the injury is only a minor issue, and that the Serb will be fit and firing for the start of the new season. With Rio Ferdinand, although still as elegant as ever, also the wrong side of thirty, the squad can ill afford to lose the services of Vidic.


Source: DSG