Manchester United need an A-list coach

24 April 2014 10:13

Since the official sacking of David Moyes, there have been a lot of rumors about who is going to be the next Manchester United manager but in order to avoid another Moyes situation Manchester United must appoint an A-list coach.

Jurgen Klopp and Diego Simeone are said to be frontrunners in the race for the hot seat but with all due respect these coaches are similar to David Moyes, in the sense that these tacticians have caught the eyes of Europe with their implosive styles of football but let’s not forget the fact that these coaches thrive due to the fact that they are always considered as underdogs and no pressure is placed on them because nothing is expected of them and that was what Moyes did successfully during his eleven year tenure at Everton but once he was fazed with expectation, pressure and matches where anything short of a victory was a failure he succumbed to the pressure and failed blatantly.

The solution to Manchester united coaching problems should be solved by appointing an A-list coach, who is a proven winner and has won when he is expected to win. Coaches such as Jose Mourinho, Jupp Heynckes, Vicente Del Bosque, Carlo Ancelotti , Pep Guardiola , Louis Van Gaal, Antonio Conte, et al. These coaches are proven winners and having time and time again that they can win at the highest level and can also attract the best players to their camp. I am not saying that Klopp or Simeone would surely be a disaster but is it worth taking the risk?

Source: DSG