Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick gets hungrier for more

23 April 2013 10:47

Michael Carrick has warned Manchester United's Premier League title rivals the newly-crowned champions will be even hungrier for success next season.

United will not reclaim the trophy they regard as theirs until after their May 12 meeting with Swansea at Old Trafford. Yet already they are looking towards a title defence that if past seasons are anything to go by, should be far more convincing than the one Manchester City managed this season.

"I definitely want more," said Carrick. "The season is not over yet, we haven't even got the trophy. But when we come back next year, we will be as hungry as ever."

He added: "I said before I came here that if I won a league that would have meant everything to me.

"Strange as it seemed, as soon as I won that first title it left me hungry for more. The satisfaction of winning is such a good feeling you want it again and again, and you get hungrier to win it again."

It is the attitude Sir Alex Ferguson instilled into his squad through his insatiable quest for perfection.

The concept is nothing new either. In 1983, Ferguson's response to Aberdeen beating Rangers in the Scottish Cup final was to brand his team's performance "disgraceful" and "unacceptable".

By his own admission, Ferguson has mellowed since those days.

But, as Carrick has seen with others in the past, any player who does not share their manager's philosophy is not destined to have a particularly long Old Trafford shelf life.

"The manager drives that attitude and it rubs off on the players," said Carrick. "To be honest it happens quite quickly. If it doesn't you are not going to be successful here. When I arrived, I tried to copy the example of the senior players. As I get older, I try to set an example for the younger boys."

Source: PA