Manchester United Manager David Moyes has become Schrodinger's Cat

10 April 2014 02:16

There is no doubt that today’s managers must deliver or run the risk of being sacked; enter former Norwich City manager, Chris Hughton or exit in this case. Much has been written about the managerial life expectants of David Moyes this year and his ability or to some, inability, to guide Manchester United through one of its biggest transitions in recent memories. Just like everyone else, there has been much speculation on whether Moyes has the goods to continue at the helm and manage a United squad that is in desperate need of rebuilding.

The only true constant in football is that rumours will fly and speculation runs rampant. Moyes, in a roundabout way, has now become the cat in Erwin Schrodinger’s theoretical experiment. No one really knows if Moyes managerial life at United is either alive or dead.

I only person safe this coming summer in the United rebuilding project is Wayne Rooney. Everyone else is up for grabs, that is, if you give any of the rumours any credence. By giving Rooney that enormous pay raise a few months ago, Moyes has put his “United” future in the hands of a man that he once sued.

The days of manager’s being allowed the time to build a team properly is gone. Today’s football manger is lucky if they are given more than 12 to 18 months to create a winning side. Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is the last of a bygone era and is the only manager left in “modern” football with any longevity with the same team.

United have a ton of work to do this summer and they will have to spend like never before in order to get back to where they once were. If you look at the current United squad you can see many glaring holes that need to be filled and in today’s world, that can’t be accomplished through the youth academies as it once was. No manager is allowed to have that kind of time.

Is Moyes the man to bring about this major overhaul? Will he be given the time to rebuild or is he too like every other manager out there and now expendable at the hands of impatient owners. As with everyone else, we will all have to wait for the Glazers to open the box to see if the cat survived.

Source: DSG