Manchester United friendship more important that Cristiano Ronaldo says Florentino Perez

06 June 2009 10:20
Madrid's high-profile pursuit of United's Portuguese winger appears to have been put on the backburner this summer as they attempt to sign AC Milan's Brazilian superstar Kaka. And Perez, who recently returned for a second stint as president at the Bernabeu, insists he would not pursue the club's targets in a manner which could jeopardise his relationships with other top clubs. "If one day there is a chance of Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid, that would be an honour for us," he told The Times. "But if I had to choose between the friendship with Manchester United and the signing of Ronaldo, I would choose the friendship. "Plus, I have never said that Cristiano will arrive in June. That is an arrogant and false statement." "I shall be talking with United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and chief executive David Gill to build bridges. "Of course, we want the best players to join us here – but only if their club wants to sell them. I represent a club where elegance and gentlemanliness has been always our flag. "Ask Gill, David Dein [the former Arsenal vice-chairman], Roman Abramovich [the Chelsea owner].I have an excellent relationship with them and it is essential to me that continues. "If we sign Kaka from Milan, I can assure you that we will still have a very good relationship with vice president Adriano Galliani." In the run up to regaining his position as president at the Bernabeu, Perez made no secret of his intentions to see Real return to their Galacticos era by singing the biggest names in the world. The Spanish media speculates the club will spend in the region of £262 million this summer, which Perez insists is the model the club has always used in order to be the best. Adamant that bringing in the likes of Kaka, Ronaldo, Ribery and Villa will make the club the best and most financially secure club in the world, Perez added: "Cristiano is, of course, a player we are interested in, he is one of the best in the world. "[Bringing in the best] is a model we have always used at Madrid, not only in the so-called Galáctico era, we have always had Di Stéfanos [the world's top players], Amancios [the best Spanish players] and Raúls [quality players from the lower ranks]. And it makes sense financially – [Zinedine] Zidane was a cheap signing as his arrival allowed new commercial deals and new arrivals. It is a model that feeds itself. We don't have rich people to put money into the club." Perez concluded with what appeared an apology for the behaviour of those who had been in a position of authority at the club before him. "Ronaldo or whoever will come if their club want to sell. To force through a situation is very bad for our image," he said. "If someone has acted in that way at some point, I offer my apologies and can assure you that it will not happen again."

Source: Telegraph