Manchester United fail again in quest to sign Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas

23 July 2013 09:05

The Daily Mail claims that Manchester United's latest bid of 35 million euros for Cesc Fabregas as been rejected by the Catalan club, who insist he is not for sale. Fabregas as been subject to speculation all summer, with Moyes keen to add flare to his midfield, Fabregas as been a top target for the red devils.

It's certainly hard to believe that Fabregas would go to one of the main rival's of his beloved Arsenal, but then again I said the same thing about Van Persie, and one thing I've learned about this game is money does all the talking.

I was led to believe that if Barcelona was going to sell Fabregas then Wenger as the choice first?Sky sources also claimed that Fabregas would only be willing to move back to Arsenal, and Manchester United would be out of the question. Well, honestly stranger things have happened and I would expect a third bid from Moye's.

Arsenal fans, brace yourselves, because if Manchester United come up with a package too good to turn down, and are offering silly money for his service's then I'm sorry to say you could all be experiencing a little 'de ja vu'.


Source: DSG