Manchester United captain Gary Neville isn't hedging his bets for the title... just have a look on G

18 March 2009 06:13
Most footballers like to hide away behind the huge fences surrounding their expensive mansions - but not Gary Neville. With perhaps more money than sense the Manchester United captain hasbuilt himself a huge hedge which spells out his club initials MUFC. And although the topiary is still only in its infancy, when mature it is thought it will be visible on Google Earth. The imposing structure greets visitors to England international Neville's huge modern-built country pile in Bolton. At least Neville's commitment to his team can't be questioned. He joined Manchester United as an apprentice in 1991,and captained the youth side to FA Youth Cup glory in his first season. He has played for the club ever since, as captain since 2005, appearing for his side 376 times.

Source: Daily_Mail