Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says FUFA decision an insult to English football

05 December 2010 05:20
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has branded FIFA's decision to award the 2018 World Cup to Russia an 'insult' to English football.

The legendary Scot spoke out after England received only two votes in Zurich.

Ferguson said: 'I thought England had a good chance because the infrastructure of the country is good.

It's an insult! Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has hit out at FIFA

'It's easy to travel. The stadiums are fantastic and England have thebest league in Europe together with a great fan base. And the insult isto only get two votes.

'That's the real disappointment. But what England need to do now is just hold up their heads and know they've done their best.

Ferguson has strongly criticised the committee culture within FIFA, one which left England humiliated in front of the watching world.

'There's no point taking it any further because nothing can be done,' he said. 'Once you've got committees that are impenetrable, you can't do anythingabout them.

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'I suppose it's possible England might not get a World Cup until thesystem changes because in my experience of committees if there are say,six people, then one or two personalities are more powerful than therest and can sway the rest.

'That's the problem with committees. Whether it's football, business, politics or sports clubs - that's how they work.

'So, unless every country gets a single vote and you don't have acommittee system, you'd have to think that it might not be fair enough.That's the only thing I can think of.'

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Source: Daily_Mail