Manchester United and Chelsea target Cristiano Ronaldo should not leave Real Madrid

23 May 2013 04:01

Gossip is on the rise since a weeks that Cristiano might be bound for another club and there have been no word from either the player or the club attempting to quell the rumours. The summer may have a surprise in store for us but as of now Ronaldo belongs to the Los Blancos and the club needs him very much to stay and the same may be true the other way around too.

Ronaldo has set the La Liga on fire with his scintillating performances under Mourinho and had it not been for a certain Leo who plays for the other great club in the continent, Cristiano might have won the Ballon d'Or multiple times. Finishing second best to Messi does not take away the fact that Ronaldo is a tremendous talent and one of the game's greats.

Staying with Real gives the Portuguese another opportunity to guide the club it fleetingly achieved under the Special One. Ronaldo is still the biggest player on the club and will always be till he leaves for there's no one else who could currently emulate him other than Messi.

Jose Mourinho has parted ways with Real after three rather tumultuous years that have seen him earn ire more than acclaim. With the club preparing to hire another manager, it could be difficult for them to hope for an instant rebound in their fortunes if they don't have their best player on the pitch.

There can be no argument to the fact that without Cristiano Real might not have been the team they were - one which wrested the league title from their bitter rivals, broke the 100 point barrier, dominated Barca of late and reached the Champions League semis three years in a row.

The club cannot afford to let him go and needs to do everything it can to keep him at the Bernabeu and happy while he's there. For a season without him makes them not so special and losing two Special Ones at once could truly prove catastrophic.

Source: DSG