Louis Van Gaal's Troubles Just Beginning

18 August 2014 09:33

Even much maligned David Moyes, who must be sitting pretty with a Cheshire Cat grin, managed to make the perfect start when he opened his Manchester United Premiership managerial campaign against Swansea at the beginning of last season.

The Louis Van Gaal era opened in only what can be described as a whimper.

Of course it is early days and anyone sticking their neck out to cast judgement after 90 minutes of football will not be only be misguided but will also be fools. However, fools or not, there opening game against Swansea at home, will have given them much to be worried about.

Even with their new captain Wayne Rooney, he was unable to rouse anything to cause Williams and Fabianski much to worry about. Sigurdsson’s goal turned out to be a deserved winner for Swansea.

One thing is for sure and that is that Louis Van Gaal will know, if he didn't already, that he has a real battle on his hands to squeeze a decent finish out of Manchester United this season.

Source: DSG