Look to Barca again for Magic in the Midfield

11 July 2013 11:45
In light of the Alcantara rebuke, do United have what it takes to compete with Mourinho and Co.?

There was so much hope attached to the expected signing of Thiago Alcantara. Media sources had been claiming since June that Alcantara has been "on the brink" of a move to United. Everyday, we have been bombarded with the same message "Thiago signing so close",  Alcantara signing expected this week", "Thiago on the verge of Old Trafford switch". 

Cue this announcement from left-field that God-like Guardiola and Munich have once again scuppered United's attempts to recruit genuine midfield quality. Here was the only real contender to assume the mantle that Paul Scholes had occupied so imperiously for so long.     United are champions. That is no small statement. Though there were occasions last season when the midfield we offered was over-wrought, out-manouevred, out-muscled and out-played. Moussa Dembele at Spurs comes to mind, he was immense in the game at Old Trafford. We also struggled badly at the Lane.  Michael Carrick was the only consistent midfield performer last season.   That is not going to be enough against the likes of a Mourinho emboldened Chelsea who will have unrivalled experience (Lampard), toughness (Essien is back), and creativity (Mata & Hazard). That is not going to be enough against the equally brutish and prolifically inventive pairing of Yaya Toure and David Silva at City. We have Carrick and, erAnderson? Jones (a centre half)? Fletcher? An unhappy Rooney playing out of position? Cleverley? Kagawa (both inconsistent & unproven as yet!)?   It was the unerring ability of United's forwards and strikers to score goals against the run of play, combined with the sheer doggedness, tenacity and experience of defenders like Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans(who really stepped up to the plate last season), Evra and Rafael that kept United's championship resolve together.  Last year the missing link United needed was Van Persie. He was Cantona re-incarnated (you get my drift). Because of the way Uniteds rivals have evolved over the summer with new arrivals and new (but tremendously experienced) Managers, combined with the tragic loss of the legend Scholes from the playing staff, and the Fergie retirement, United now need another Talisman. Someone to keep the magic of invention, goals and eternal threat in the United approach. Especially in those battles with the Blue Billionaires of London and Manchester respectively.    Thiago Alcantara represented all that in one. Youthful, creative and energetic with that Scholes ability to split defences with visionary passes. He also promises goals from Midfield.    Now we are (should be) back to Fabregas. So are Arsenal!  Lets persuade Barcelona (and Fabregas) with £35M offer, and an arena where he doesn't have to compete with Xavi and Iniesta for a starting place.  Oh Davie (Moyes), just be done with it and splash the cash! Recruit the magic! 

Source: United Mad