Lindegaard On His Future With United

22 March 2013 06:26
Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard wants to end his time sitting on the bench and get back into the action at Old Trafford ASAP.

David De Gea and Lindegaard were used equally in the side last season, but an injury opened the door to de Gea a little wider and Lindegaard has made just one appearance since December.

Now the Dane is worried that he may not get much of a look in under Ferguson after de Gea stating that he was happy to stay with United despite interest from Barcelona.

"For me at the moment it's not easy deal being on the bench when the team is performing as well as we do,” Lindegaard told reporters.

"And, of course, when David is also performing as well as he does and has been doing in the last couple of months.

"Of course, everybody wants to play and I'm not different from anyone else. I'm sure all the players who are not in the starting line-up every game would say the same and they want to play.

"That's how football players are. It's a genetic thing in us - we live for the thrill of playing and the adrenaline you get when you step out on the pitch.

"With my best spell in my time at United so far I was on a good run. I performed, the team performed, the club performed . and then I ran into an unlikely injury.

"But that's how life is as a footballer - sometimes you get injured."

Source: United Mad