Life after Sir Alex for Man United

12 March 2013 08:44

This is a question that is usually debated over down the pub with a few mates and a few pints, normally starting with somebody asking “hey who do you think will be the next united manager?”

Well I was no different on Sunday, there I was sat in my local with a few mates and someone asked that very question, and that got me thinking where will United be after Sir Alex.

Now for me I’m hoping that there will be no change Sir Alex will move upstairs which seems to be the next step for such a loyal manager and United through and through and then someone who will be well known will come in and take his place, the problem with that is a new manager brings upheaval within in a club and how will this affect the people who have worked there and under the Sir Alex regime. You can have the best manager in the world and unless the players will play for him and not against him you will never get the success you deserve as a club or wish for as fans.

I am sure United will still be there at the top fighting as they do every year, but under a new manager will they get the success in the first year or are they going to take a few managers to get to the right one, with a new manager success isn’t always instant, in many cases it can take a few seasons to achieve this, will the board be patient like they were with Sir Alex or are they going to demand success instantly if they don’t get it will they fire and move on.

There would be five managers to choose from for me.

Jose Mourinho: the obvious choice for many people, but would it be choice of united fans because of his connection to Chelsea, more importantly would it be Sir Alex’s choice as I’m sure he will have some imput.

Fabio Capello: Still for me a manager who we never really saw the best out of as England boss the question would be his age he is 66 is a route the board would want to go down.

Manuel Pelligrini: A manager who has a great history and has achieved good career states and at Malaga has done very well for himself. Would he be the ideal choice? im not so not sure.

Pep Guardiola: Now this was my choice a manager who has proven he is up there as one of the best, sticking point going to be manager of Bayern next year and how much will it cost to get him out of his contract.

Carlo Ancelotti: A manager who would definitely put up a good claim for the manager position he is still world class and at PSG is is rebuilding his reputation after his Chelsea career faltered.

Who would be your choice as the next manager?

Source: DSG

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