Keegan Puts The Boot In Rooney

27 September 2010 02:34
Kevin Keegan has publicly had a go at out of form Wayne Rooney. The ex-England boss says that Rooney’s confidence is shot working at his job as a TV pundit after Rooney was substituted due to injury after an hour. Keegan said: “His performance at Bolton tells me his confidence is shot. “For United to get back to where they should be and winning at places like Bolton, they need to be getting Wayne Rooney firing on all cylinders.” He added: “You can’t have all the contracts, you can’t sell your wedding to magazines and things like this and suddenly say, ‘That’s the tap I want to turn on but we want to turn the other one off.’“But it’s just one tap and I know from when I played that, if you are advertising boots and all these things, you have to go and make appearances. You are going to appear in the paper.“But the one thing I would say is keep your home and your family out of it and just take your endorsements if that’s what you want to do.“You can’t then turn around and say there’s too much paparazzi around or there is too much publicity. One minute you are courting it, the next minute you’re saying ‘I don’t want this.’”