Just Ryan... A thank you to a Manchester United legend

21 May 2014 10:51

I was not sure if I want to write about this subject so I set down and thought about it for a while and then again I said to my self that is something I HAVE to tell the world.

It happened on a quiet spring day when I was reading the news and then I saw it…it was an open letter that begun with : “today is a fantastic day for Manchester United”. I have to say I also think it isa fantastic day for football in general.

Ryan Joseph Giggs, born on the 29th of November 1973 is not only a football player but also a living legend. There is no Manchester United fan who hasn’t shout his name with hope when the team was down and looked at him as the savior.

He wrote an open letter to announce his retirement from professional football and also his new position as assistant manager for Manchester United. He talked about the era that ended for him as a player and also the new challenges that lay ahead of him as the right hand of the new manager Louis van Gaal.

“To the greatest fans in the world of football, thank you () “ says Giggs and at the end, after all the great words with love and sadness and pride and hope he simply signs : RYAN.

This is what a hero looks like and talks like. This is an example to be followed and for sure he will continue to make history with Manchester United and not only.

We thank you sir we thank you indeed… Ryan. And See you next season!

Source: DSG