Jones Looking For Central Roll

28 December 2012 05:26
Phil Jones is hoping that he can command a place in the heart of Manchester United's defence in the future.

The 20 year old joined the club in the summer of 2011 from Blackburn Rovers where he was a regular in the central defence, but at Old Trafford, he has mainly played as a right back or in a central midfield role.

Now with Vidic being hampered by injury problems over the past 12 months and a question mark hanging over the future of Rio Ferdinand at the club, Jones wants a long term roll in the middle of defence.

 "I've always said that my favourite position and the one I feel most comfortable in his centre-half," he told Manchester United's website.

 "But if playing in different positions helps me become a better player then that's great."

 He added: "It's never easy going into a different position. I don't kid myself that playing right-back one week and then centre-midfield the next can't be difficult to do - it's a completely different game, different circumstances and demands you adapt to it.

 "If I am asked to play in a certain situation then I will play there because I enjoy playing football."

Source: United Mad