Is the 'El Nino Maravilla' phenomenon, Alexis Sanchez, the change needed at Manchester United

15 October 2013 09:48

Despite two disappointing seasons with Barcelona, forward Alexis Sanchez is thought to be considering a deal with the Red Devils, as speculations into a £22m bid by the club next January continue. Former Chelsea manager Ruud Gullit too says the move will be good for the entire squad, as he thinks they didn't do enough over the summer to improve their team, which has left the traditionally strong club lagging behind in 9th place on the Standings, and Moyes let down by his widemen.

While Alexis Sanchez has not made any comments on the topic yet, this wouldn't be his first stint with the club, as he was also targeted by United back in 2011, but rejected the offer for a £30m Barcelona bid instead. While Sánchez didn't fit in with the Tiki-Taka game style of the Catalan team, his four goals in eight games piqued Moyes attention, and has been appraised as the answer to the club’s lethargic attitude on the wings. While he has not been able to assure a starting eleven spot at Barça, often being in the shadow of players such as David Villa, Cesc Fabregas and Cristian Tello, he could be the missing link to fire up the Manchester United midfielder's, and bring back the essential energy the Red Devils so desperately require to climb back up the Premier League standings.

While his performance at Camp Nou was short of expectations, all we can hope for is that “El Nino Maravilla” (The wonder boy) blends in with the squad and spirit at Old Trafford and continues his extraordinary performance so far this season at clubs around the world, wherever he goes.


Source: DSG